József nádor Parking Garage

Parking rules (extract)

The József Nádor car park (hereinafter referred to as Parking lot) is a private area open to public traffic.

The rules of the Traffic Code apply in the area of the Parking lot, and non-compliance with them will entail official measure.

The maximum speed allowed in the area of the Parking lot is 10km/h.

The Parking lot is in operation 24/7, 365 days a year, on public holidays and other holidays, for a fee.

The Parking lot is unguarded. The Operator is not obliged to supervise, guard or protect the motor vehicles or the objects contained therein.

There is a camera surveillance system operating in the area of the parking lot.

In the case of parking with a parking ticket, the longest duration of parking is 24 hours, after this the Operator may have the parked vehicle hauled at the expense of the vehicle owner.

The actual parking fees can be found on the tariff table opposite the entrance ramp, on the tariff table located next to the toll machines, or on the website www.jnparkolo.hu.

The parking fee can be paid at the toll machines located in the Parking lot by cash, credit card and mobile phone payment. Payment information by mobile phone is posted at the toll machines.

In the parking lot it is prohibited

  • to smoke or use an open flame.
  • to stop a vehicle with fuel tank leaking gas or oil.
  • to enter and stop with a gas-powered vehicle.
  • to take and store any type of flammable material into a parking lot, even as a component of any car, except fuel contained in the vehicle's fuel tank.
  • to stop a vehicle without a registration plate or a vehicle that does not comply with traffic regulations.
  • to distribute flyers.

You can use the Parking lot at your own risk and responsibility and in accordance with the detailed Parking Rules, which can be viewed at the Attendant's Office and on our website www.jnparkolo.hu.

Valid: from 01.04.2023

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